And, exhale.

I’m Back!

[Panting] OMG you guys. Damn, it’s been a journey. I feel like I just got off the N1 and 3 Quarters, which I accidentally took because I was changing the playlist instead of lanes. This baby took me to way further away places than a dodgy one tuk-tuk town. It took me to, like, other dimensions guys. But we’ll leave the philosophy for another post. 

The N1 and 3 Quarters is a scenic (and rocky) little route with much to learn and observe along the way. Here is one observation based in the solid art of geometry. 

There is no truth, only angles

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Literally everything is perspective. This opens so many possibilities to get funky, shift reality around. It’s so liberating when you can be like “oh shit, yeah, I can actually just change my perspective and my entire fucking world is different. I can ignore that ignorance over there and focus on this delicious inspiration over here.”

Respect the angle. Every single one is valid in its own right. Imagine if we try and explore and understand and respect allllllll the angles instead of claiming our own as the right angle? 

Speaking of right angles….

You’re stronger at 90 Degrees

A Yoga instructor (and friend- shout out) announced this after kindly asking us to send our sternums to the back of the room and rest our elbows in our armpits. And through the mixture of sweat and tears I thought, “Woah. That is some solid life wisdom.”

90 degrees knows what it’s doing. 90 degrees is like “guys, if you just evenly disperse your weight and balance yourself you can literately do anything.” 

So often we’re oscillating between 180 degree extremes. I think this is totally necessary for a time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Somewhere between the binge drinking and stone cold sobriety, between the steadfast atheism and that two month period where you were full-on Rastafarian, you find your sweet spot. It’s hardly ever in the extremes that we find ourselves, let’s be real. Ends of spectrums are inundated with ideology and belief systems that leave little room for personal varying truth. And this truth, somewhere in the middle of it all, at 90 degrees, is where you’re strong. 

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The 360 degree trap is also not a vibe. Going around in circles, always coming back to the same place in an endless cycle of repetition… no. Stop. Don’t get lost in momentum. You can always stop. At 90 degrees, where you’re strong. 

Even better than 90 degrees, though? Be a dot. When you’re a dot you can be anything. You can burst into any direction. You’re full of potential. You can bounce around. You can see all the possibilities. You’re free. Perhaps liberty is the ability to move freely amongst all of the perspectives and not get stuck in any angle. 

Just a thought. 

Love & Liberty